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Dear friends, have you ever heard your grandma telling you with melancholia: « Ah… If only I would have had the time to… If only I could have done… »? Our daily routine often forces us to postpone some of our projects to the day after tomorrow, at least. And finally one day, years from now, we realise that it would have been easier and more convenient to achieve this project in a past that is gone forever.

This statement is true for complex projects, such as changing one’s career orientation, but also for topics that seem trivial and accessible to everybody. For example, what about writing to an old friend who has moved to another city, or just getting motivation for a run after a tough day work :P?

Of course, other projects might seem barely achievable at a first glance. But in that case, isn’t the most important thing to give yourself the means to try it? We admit that it is easier to write it than to do it, but even if you fail, you’ll always be able to give it another chance later and in a more effective context.

Coming back to us, we always write our wish list for the country, the region or the city that we plan to visit each time we leave for a travel around the world. Whatever might happen, we always try to check every item of that list once there. This is the so-called bucket list, and every traveler around the world should have her own one :)!

And the most exciting for us is when the unplanned takes over the schedule, and that we finally can build an unforgettable memory from it!

Examples of our previous bucket lists, with some of them completely unplanned:

  • Flying over an active volcano in Japan
  • Dance with the Masai in Tanzania
  • Learn how to craft offerings in Bali
  • Take a bath in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and stay there forever
  • Have a drink with our cheetah friend in Zanzibar

More than anything, we do not want to pretend that we did sensational things and put us above you. These are just examples to illustrate what we are talking about. Indeed, we would like to share with you a small list of things that we would like to experience during our six months travel across Asia and Oceania:


Enjoy food in a Hawker Center or a market! People say it is just incredible 🙂
I wanted to say the same… So I would love to walk through the Gardens by the Bay and pretend I am in Avatar!


Go for a Trishaw ride in Malacca ! I don’t think that we can find anything more kitsch during our trip :-p
Walk in the rainforest like a real explorer! Ok, we’ll take it easy on this one 😛


I would dream of a hug with a panda ! But I don’t think it will agree…  I would also love to meet a firefox. When I was a kid, I have seen a documentary on this little pretty animal, which I did not know. I even wrote an article about it in my diary :)!
Explore Yunnan. This would give me chills. And if you guys are really nice, I will eat a chicken feet. I promise !


I would like to learn the traditional Mongolian dance! As we will not be able to communicate with words, this will be my personal way to express myself. Let’s hope that they do not take my body language badly 🙂
Meet the nomads in the steppe and drink fermented horse milk with them, like a real tough guy! Well, we’ll take it easy on this one as well 🙂

South Korea

Pretend I am a buddhist monk: unplug my phone, stop talking and follow a vegetarian diet… This should be an amazing experience! Not sure that Meryll can endure this one, though…
Dance the Gangnam Style in Seoul. I master the choregraphy!
And I would love learning the basics of the Korean language too.


I have never been attracted more than this by Australia. I do not have specific expectations rather than being surprised!
Meet a friend that I have not see since years. And the most beautiful surprise will be to cross the way of a kangaroo’s gang!


Visit a glow worms cave. This should look like a real fairy!
Meet Maoris and learn how to  dance Haka like a real tough guy again! Of course, I will run away if they plan to play rugby afterwards 🙂


To be slowly awaken by the sound of the waves and notice that we are the first and only ones to swim in the sea 🙂

Swim with turtles, surrounded with multicolor fishes.


Go for a massage of my back performed by a cat! Japanese people love cats so much that they invented the concept of a beauty institute where cats massage you themselves by walking on your body with their cute little foot. I love massage and I love cats, so I believe that I perfectly fit the offer of these institutes 🙂
Take a break in an Onsen in a winter night. Of course, under a sky full of stars. The only sound that I would like to hear at that time would be the one of the water drops falling one by one in the bath… And as it is the rule to enter an Onsen completely naked, I will make a video for you there. But only if you are nice, you naughty guys 😉

This bucket list will be one of the key threads of our travel. We will try everything we can in order to realise each of our wishes, but also to share these experiences with you! We hope that you will enjoy them remotely as well, and have fun watching us sweating to finally succeed.

But more than anything, dear friends, we invite you to remember what your grandma would probably tell you… The most important for everybody is to follow her own key thread. Do you know what you would like your own thread to be about?

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