Six months across Asia and Oceania – Evasy

We usually spare money and go discover a new country for two or three weeks each year. We also like to leave for a few days in order to visit a town or a region of Europe during shorter holidays.

We estimate that if we would have the chance to go on like this, we would probably have visited a large part of our world at the time we would reach the age of your grandma :p For us, this way of traveling would still have a major drawback. Such a two or three weeks long travel across a country that is new to us implies a high pace.

In the end, this won’t allow us to deviate much from the route that the mass tourism has planned for us. The one, which makes a traveler believe that she should stay a maximum of two days in a given city before heading quickly to the next one, which has a prettier architecture.

What if we tried to change something?

We have got aware that we wanted to travel in a different manner and for a longer time. We have found out what we like when traveling. We like to feel free and to be able to take the time to live and experience things, and to admire what we see. We like to discover and even learn about local food or craft, when this is possible. And more than anything, we like to meet new people. The ones from whom we did not know anything the day before, but who we will never forget.

So why should we force us into a schedule and a stressful pace over three weeks? Why couldn’t we allow a bit more chance and luck to take over and plans to be changed?

And this is exactly how our new adventure begins… 🙂 See below our wished itinerary:

But how did we get this crazy idea?

The starting point of this story takes places at our return from Tanzania. We were thinking about what could be our next trip, like we do every time that we come back :). We were strongly considering Mongolia and its steppes, which we dream we would be able to see one day. We noticed that our flight to Ulan Bator would be cheaper with a commute in Seoul, and we immediately told ourselves that we would also enjoy to go to Korea!

And, one after the other, we have put not less than fifteen countries in our bucket list. We knew that we could not leave for more than six months this year, but don’t tell us that a six months long travel does not sound like adventure at all, don’t you? 🙂 We started reducing the number of countries until we could hold a list of eight of them, to which we added a short stay in Australia, as we are planning a very short break in Sydney.

We generally would prefer visiting less countries but spending more time in each of them, and leaving again later to discover all the ones that we would miss this time.

Let’s go, dear friends!

We will kick-off our adventure in July and will leave for a travel around Asia and Oceania. If we had to summarise our project in facts and figures, we could tell you that after four months of preparation, we will:

  • Travel for 196 days
  • Fly over 52300 kms across the skies
  • Explore 9 different countries
  • Take 13 flights
  • Share thousands of memories with you!

We personally see this long travel as the beginning of something bigger. We hope that we will still be able to travel again and again after that, and explore our beautiful France, but also our European neighbour countries. We would also like to go back to Africa, to discover Americas or the mysterious Middle-East.

We do not pretend that we have traveled around the world and seen everything, rather we would like to tell that we have gone beyond our adventure. This adventure, which makes us believe that we have always more to see and experience on our beautiful Earth each time that we come back. This adventure, which always makes us want to travel again 🙂

And you, where will you be?

Alright guys, we will stop being emotional from now on, and we hope to see you all very soon. Stay tuned and be sure that you will read news from us before we leave in one month. We still have a few topics to discuss with you before :).

We will share our travel stories with you on our blog, our Facebook page and our Instagram!

We hope that you will be reading us, and that this may be for you a trigger to leave for your own adventure! If you can afford the time to read us, you surely also have enough time for thinking about how you could make your own projects and dreams come true! Six months ago, we would not have believed into what we are doing today. Isn’t it the best proof that there is always a way to make things happen ;)?

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